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How Many Sessions Will I Need & How Long Do They Last?

This varies:

The Lightning Process® is a 3 day training programme with a 1 year support package which includes a free follow up seminar.  After your first year calls are from 30 minutes and face to face sessions are 1 1/2 hour - 3 hours long.

Health Coaching and Therapy are usually 3 - 6 sessions long.  After an initial 1 1/2 hour intial  appointment each session is 1 hour face to face.  Appointments are 30 minutes - 1 hour by phone/Skype/Zoom.

Break out coaching appointments and Lightning Process® face to face follow up are 2 - 3 hours long.  

Phone/Skype/Zoom followup support for Lightning Process® depends on what is required, from 30 minutes.

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How do I book?

Please complete your application form and return it to Jenny by email or post.  You will then be contacted by Jenny for an assessment/consultation  telephone call.  We will then book a date for you.

You will normally have to wait 2 - 4 weeks for a face to face Lightning Process®, less for an online training.

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Lightning Process®


Is the Lightning Process® Suitable for Children and Young People?

Some of my most rewarding work is with children and young people. It is great to take them through the training.  After putting in the work required by the training, children and young people have a process that is available to help them in all sorts of areas of their life, as they look forward to the future

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Is the Lightning Process® Suitable for the Severely Affected?

I have a small number of spaces available for bedridden/housebound clients at my group rate to make the Lightning Process® available to people who could otherwise not access it. I have trained many people who are very incapacitated, including people who have been bedridden or housebound with for many years. For further details contact me.

How Many People attend a Lightning Process® Training?

Lightning Process® typically takes place in a small group setting of 2 - 5.  I have a small number of premium rate places available for people wishing to train in a one to one setting as they work to resolve complex issues.  

Currently Lightning Process® is on-line. Face to face will resume as recommended when government changes allow. 

Can a Carer/Partner or Supporter Come to?

You may wish to bring someone to support you during the Lightning Process®.   There is an application for them to complete which is available from Jenny.

What is an Advanced Lightning Process® Practitioner?

Advanced Practitioners  are the most experienced practitioners working in the field. 

Jenny Gilmore is one of Phil Parker's most experienced practitioners.  She has worked with wide a range of conditions, one to one and in groups, and at home for the most severely affected.  She supervises licenced practitioners, including those who are newly qualified . 

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