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A top 3 youtube videos for Relaxation and Calm

What would it be like to increase your level of calm right now? Here's my top 3 fabulous youtube resources by mind-body connection expert Phil Parker for increasing your level of relaxation and calm, and for training your mind to be calm ...

A 20 minute video, of a live on seminar on increasing our state of calm which includes a 10 minute relaxation, and useful tips on how to use language to increase calm

A lovely 10 minute audio relaxation and video to help you relax and reduce overwhelm - a 5 minute video to bring you to a state of presence as you move through your day.

To find out more, and about how I can help you to train in the lightning process visit my website at, call me on 07749706127, or email me on

There's a video here about to find out more about how you can use the lightning process to increase your level of calm even more and to help you heal

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