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Happy New Year! Thought it was time to give you a little update. The news is good - Matthew is doing really well. Under normal circumstances he would have had another 2 episodes by now, but he hasn't. He uses LP if he feels tired in the mornings and says it always works! He has much more energy generally,


Lesley (Mother of Matthew age 12)


Lightning Process® With Children and Young People

Personalized Support and Guidance

Can the LP help Children and Young People?

Some of my most rewarding work is with children and young people. It is great to take them through the training.  After putting in the work required by the training, children and young people have a process that is available to help them in all sorts of areas of their life, as they look forward to the future​​​.

Children as young as 12 have attended my group seminars, and younger one to one online. with a parent or carer present  I work in consultation with the parents to prepare the child or young person for the lightning process®.  Parents/guardians usually attend the training and I always ensure that there is an opportunity for some one to one work in a group setting. The LP is followed by a support package that can be accessed by by parent and LP participant. 

What Happens Next?

The Lightning Process® is followed by a 1 year coaching and support package available to both parent/carer and LP participant.  This can be really helpful with things like returning to school/college and hobbies and interests.

Sometimes children/young people are in school part-time, or have small amounts of home tutoring when they come to the Lightning Process®.   What happens next is very individual and I will discuss that with you. Sometimes people go back to school/college straight away. Sometimes a different pattern is more useful.


Carina had been confined to bed for many months when she did the Lightning Process® with me in Norway. Here she is soon after her training.

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