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Jenny Gilmore Complementary Health Practitioner Welcomes You

Welcome to the webpages of Jenny Gilmore, NLP Health Coach and Advanced Phil Parker Lightning Process® Practitioner.  Locally based provider in Yorkshire with more than 15 years fulltime experience in Lightning Process . 
Jenny works with clients with disabling fatigue, including post viral states, and long covid.   She has helped many 100s of people with health issues, including those severely affected, and people with reoccurring pain (including CRPS), burn out and stress. 
She is one of the UK and the world's most experienced Lightning Process® practitioners; providing face to face support for local people in Leeds, Sheffield, York, across Yorkshire and the UK on-line. She now leads a normal life after many years of severe disabling fatigue following a viral infection.  
She teaches toolkits to get you back in charge, to change how your nervous system controls your body, to  break through stuck issues, rebuild physical health and to start to live the life you really want.
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Lightning Process

NEXT DATES:  Face to Face training in York:  Weekend Dates available in York  throughout April and May

Online - Dates throughout the year

Online: throughout the year, one to one and Group - please chat to Jenny for more information

Face to face Group and one to one Training in Yorkshire.  (York/Sheffield/Leeds and throughout Yorkshire) For more information and dates available contact Jenny

Follow Up Groups : January, April,, July, October


The Lightning Process® is a training programme that teaches you to change the way your nervous system controls your body.  


With practice you’ll learn how to switch on pathways which promote health and switch off ones which aren’t so good for you.  

It is ideal if you struggling with severe/chronic symptoms like pain or exhaustion and are looking to create rapid change to enable you to return to work and a normal life. 

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One to One Health Coaching

Two Dried Leaves

Would you like  to explore your personal potential, expand your thinking and enable you to achieve your aims?

Are you feeling stuck with issues like exhaustion, reoccurring pain or stress?  

It might be time to seek help from a Professional Coach. 

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Individual Therapy

I guide my clients every step of the way with powerful techniques like  EFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy to move forwards from stuck with issues like stress, phobia and chronic pain. Schedule a phone appointment today and see what I can do for you. 

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Ducks Over the Lake

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 "My progress is still amazing.  I was out with friends until 1 a.m. last night.  I am back volunteering at the cat homing centre and have started re-claiming my garden!  All in 4 weeks of doing the Lightning Process"®
Janet, who was trained by Jenny Gilmore to use the Lightning Process®.


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