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Feedback I’ve Received

Hi Jenny I'm sorry that I haven't written to you sooner! Mostly, it is because I've been so busy enjoying myself and doing lots of the things I have not been able to do at all, or in more than small doses, before the Lightning Process®course.your appointment today. Wencha, Norway

Louie - Lightning Process® Beating CRPS

Even though we were remote, Jenny did an absolutely fantastic job of making Louie so excited and ready to make changes happen. We watched a miracle unfold on day 2 and within a few mins from the end of Jenny’s session, we knew Louie had this!!! Clare and Steve


Claire - Lightning Process®, Huddersfield 

Ducks Over the Lake

Ceri - Lightning Process®, Yorkshire


I did the Lightning Process with Jenny in December 2020. I had Covid-19 in May that year and had post viral fatigue (or ‘long covid/post covid syndrome’) afterwards. I had begun to recover but was still struggling with fatigue, which was stopping me from going back to work and preventing me from enjoying things I had previously loved e.g. going for walks, seeing friends etc. I was also struggling to sleep at night.

My sister and a friend had done the lightning process for post viral fatigue about 15 years ago and I had seen how they had recovered afterwards. I was a bit sceptical about whether it could work for me but decided to trust their experience and the experience of others I had read about.

I did the training over zoom with one other person. I had been worried that doing the training online rather than face to face might make it more difficult, but Jenny made me feel at ease and after a while it felt like we were in the same room as each other.

I saw improvements within the first day of training. On the morning of the third day, I went on a hilly 4 mile walk with friends and felt completely fine during the walk and afterwards. Over the past 6 weeks since doing the LP I have continued to improve and now feel back to my normal self. I have started a phased return at work, have walked up to 8 miles at the weekends, have tidied the entire house to put it on the market and have been sleeping much better. I am so thankful that the Lightning Process has given me my life back.

I would recommend the lightning process to anyone with fatigue issues who feels they’re at the right time and place in their lives to try it. ‘Long covid’ or post covid syndrome are umbrella terms for many different conditions. It may be helpful to talk to a LP practitioner and your GP if your main symptom isn’t fatigue, before deciding if the LP is right for you.


Janet - Lightning Process®, Hull & East Yorkshire 

My progress is still amazing. I was out with friends until 1 a.m. last night. I am back volunteering at the cat homing centre and have started re-claiming my garden! all in 4 weeks of doing the Lightning Process®.  I have found the CD invaluable in re-in forcing what I learned in the training and know that I have a tool to use for the rest of my life.

I can't thank you enough and Phil for developing the programme. You have given me something remarkable - the gift of a new life. Janet

Two Dried Leaves

Wencha - Lightning Process®, Norway

Hi Jenny I'm sorry that I haven't written to you sooner! Mostly, it is because I've been so busy enjoying myself and doing lots of the things I have not been able to do at all, or in more than small doses, before the Lightning Process®course.
I have done so much since I saw you last, it's fantastic! The first weekend after the course I travelled down south to my mother in law, to meet my husband and the rest of his family. I went on the train by myself with only a HUGE suitcase as company, and walked the distance between stations in London without assistance - which felt fabulous! I was socialising almost every waking minute of the next couple of days, and still had energy to spare. For instance, on the Saturday we went shopping for hours (walking so much that I got blisters on my feet!), then I (I repeat: I) made food for everybody for the barbeque we had in the late afternoon, before my husband and I met some friends in a pub, where we stayed until one am. The next day I felt fine, and we had a lovely time with the family before we went to the airport. At the check in desk I was very, very pleased to decline the pre-booked wheel chair. My husband and I must have been the only ones who were happy to hear that the flight was delayed for a couple of hours - it gave us more time to explore the tax free shops!
One of the first days back home I went for a long walk, longer than I have walked in nearly three years. Seeing familiar places for the first time in such a long time made me feel so happy I that almost wanted to cry! It was well worth the muscle ache and sore feet (a natural consequence of physical exertion of this stature for any extremely unfit person like myself). I have bought a public transport monthly pass, but next month I will save myself the money, as I hardly ever use it. I walk almost everywhere! I have bought myself one of those shopping trolleys that old ladies - and lots of young and rather trendy people here in the city, I've noticed - have, and there are now hardly any limits to where I can go and the amount of shopping I can bring with me (to my husband's despair, ha-ha!).
This weekend we had a big party at ours to celebrate Norway's National Day. I did find myself doing stress in the two days prior to this party, and I was also doing difficulty in applying the process in the midst of the cleaning, baking, and flag decorating. The evening before the big day I felt worse than I have felt since doing the LP course. I then managed to do a proper STOP, and cancelled my plans to spend the evening with a friend in order to have a lazy night on my own (as my husband was out watching football with his mates). I felt good the morning after, no abnormal pains or fatigue. Lots of people came to the party, and by using the process I managed to get out of the pit every time I found myself doing stress. I ended up having a fantastic time! The party began at two pm and the last guests didn't leave until after eleven pm, and I still felt great!!!
I have been doing IBS for more than four years, and for the last three I have had to follow a very strict diet. Since learning the process I have been a little bit less firm on my regime, but I have still mostly avoided the things I have been intolerant to for so long. But at our party I had a little bit of everything: cake, chocolate and a glass of champagne. It tasted fantastic!! But I have been doing a sore and bloated tummy since then. Considering how much stress I was doing the days before the party, this is not really surprising. I will let my tummy heal, then ensure that I am doing well before I again try to introduce food I have not tolerated, and then only one item from my no-list at the time.
have not taken any vitamins, magnesium or B12 injections since the course, and I still feel better than I have in years. I received the quarterly magazine from Action for ME, but didn't even open the envelope. Instead I called them and thanked them for their support over the past few years, told them about my recovery due to the LPand cancelled my membership.
That felt really good. I do get aches and pains if I do a lot more than I have done in ages, but these are very different to the sensations I have had during my illness. It is hard to describe without going to much into pit-language, but it really is not the same type of discomfort. The tremors and cramps are almost completely gone, for instance. And now I know that when I've done a lot, the muscles will recover, the blisters will heal, and I will feel fine the next day.
I do still get myself into the pit, and sometimes I do difficulty in using the process. But I am getting better at being nice to myself and continue to work on staying out of the pit, instead of doing the opposite. I now know that I am recovering. Staying ill is no longer an option, as I know how to be well.
Apart from the actual steps of the process itself, to me the most valuable knowledge I got from the course was the knowledge that I can do a lot - even work up a sweat, walk until my feet ache, read until my eyes are sore, if I feel like it - and STILL FEEL GREAT AFTERWARDS. Knowing that it is normal to feel tired when I have done something strenous, that I will feel good again as soon as I have given my body a chance to recover - just like any healthy person does when having tired themselves out - means so much to me.
The fear of 'overdoing' things has been replaced with a growing confidence that I can do whatever I feel like doing. My friends and family are so pleased for me, they say it's like having the old Wencha back. I have had several comments that I even sound different when I speak on the phone! Thank you again for teaching me the process!! Wencha

Dandelion Parachute Seed

Richard - Lightning Process®,York

I would like to thank you for your help in my return to health. I have been chronically ill for over 18 years, with some periods of years where I have been house bound. However, with your help and the lightning process I have just completed a year back to work, without a single day off sick. I now go dancing several nights every week and I have complete the Cumbria Way, a 70 mile long distance walk through the hills of the Lake District. I have no doubt that I could not have achieved this without the lightning process and would heartily recommend it, and you, to anyone who is interested.

Thanks again



Ducks Over the Lake

Margaret - Lightning Process®, Wakefield near Leeds

"I was diagnosed with CFS/ME in 2002, but I believe I had the condition for 2-3 years before that.


I had regular periods of chronic illness which manifested as inability to sleep, flu-like symptoms, lack of energy and mental as well as physical fatigue, which confined me to bed.


I had difficulty in handling stressful situations. However, I also had periods of feeling well and able to live a more normal life, e.g.. work in the home and garden, social and recreational activities, etc., although within limits, e.g.. regular rest periods through the day, not going out on an evening, no holidays. These good periods did last for several weeks.


Throughout my illness I had tried many treatments such as diet, health supplements, exercise, relaxation, cranial osteopathy, counselling, etc. Whilst I experienced periods when I felt well I couldn't seem to achieve full recovery no matter how dedicated I was.


I read an article in the press about Phil Parker and "The Lightning Process®" training course. From his web site I was able to find information on Jenny Gilmore, an advanced practitioner, who had once suffered from the same condition and now taught the technique.


Following the completion of my application form I had a conversion with Jenny and was delighted to be accepted onto the three day training course. After the first day I felt different. For the first time in ten years I felt confident that my body was going to fully recover. I left the third session feeling free of CFS/ME and committed to regaining my full strength and being able to live the life I love.


I could never have imagined how quickly and by how much the Process could change things for me. I felt so well that I started jogging again after many years. In my enthusiasm I went a touch too fast and I suffered a cartilage injury to my right knee. Funny thing is even though I was in a great deal of pain it felt good to say I had a sporting injury. I felt that during the weeks of recovering from my injury it was a real test of my positive outlook on my health and general well being. I continued to use the Lightning Process® every day and listened to Phil Parker's CD to help and encourage me when I found myself looking for signs of fatigue. I felt a great sense of achievement of overcoming this hiccup without sacrificing any improvement in my overall well being.


My husband and I are now enjoying all normal day to day activities without having to make allowances for my fatigue and have confidence when planning ahead. I know I will go from strength to strength.


"I can't thank Jenny enough for teaching me how to reclaim my life."

Calm Sea

Rebecca -Lightning Process®, France

7th March 2009
I'm still being amazed at how much the Lightning Process has changed me. I now get up at 7.30 am and don't go to bed till 11pm sometimes. I am up all day and very busy. The other day I had lots to do, and had just got in from the supermarket. There was an urgent message on the answer phone and I had to put the shopping away and go out again straight away, but I took it all in my stride and just delayed doing the other things that I had to do. I would never have taken things so calmly, even before I had M.E.! I am enjoying doing lots of gardening with my husband  he had to do it all on his own before. I'm also learning Spanish at home, and learning many new pieces on the piano, which is amazing. I hadn't made any progress for years, if a piece was too difficult, I put it to one side and played something I knew!!
I'm tackling many things that I would normally just put to one side, and feel great for having done it. I'm feeling more and more well!
1st Jan 2009
It's been 7 weeks since I did the Lightning Process, and it has made such a difference. I had (because I don't have it any more!!) M.E. for 2 years, but within such a short time after learning the Process I am almost back to "normal".
It's so nice to be able to do what I want when I want, and not even think about the consequences. One day before Christmas I did all my housework, and more besides! I cleaned the downstairs loo, then cleaned the whole bathroom upstairs, then made soup and mince pies. I drove to my parents-in-law's house and played their piano for over an hour, then on the way home I decided that my car was dirty, so I cleaned it when I arrived back home. Then I made lasagne and shortbread biscuits, did the ironing, and did 2 lots of washing up and the vacuuming before picking my brother-in-law up from the train station as he was spending Christmas with us!
It's so amazing, and I can't believe the difference this has made in my life. Neither can my husband!! We went for a walk yesterday, and it seemed to be going uphill all the way, which wasn't difficult for me in the slightest. After a while we came back to the track for the car park, but I said to my husband.We haven'been walking all that long, we can't go back to the car just yet, lets walk down into the village and walk round there for a bit first. He couldn't believe his ears!
The Lightning Process has also made me a much more happy and confident person, without me having to do much at all! I have accepted all kinds of invitations that I would normally have turned down, and felt much more at ease at a large family gathering just the other day. I'm still amazed at all I'm able to do, and am looking forward to this new year. Thank you Jenny for being so encouraging and supportive, for taking the time to teach me how to use the Process more effectively, and to Phil, for sharing this with so many people.


Dianne - Lightning Process®, Beverley

“In May 2017 I approached Jenny Gilmore following a suggestion by my GP who had recently received positive feedback from a patient who had been through the LP for chronic fatigue/ME. At that time I had been suffering from debilitating intermittent chronic fatigue/ME for approximately ten years and had been (NHS) diagnosed three years previously.
After googling LP I spoke to an LP practitioner who advised me to contact Jenny Gilmore who was an LP practitioner in my area. Jenny helped me by providing information and support; I also appreciated how she genuinely seemed to understand and validate my symptoms in a way that nobody else had.
Following Jenny's advice and with her support I attended a three day LP training workshop which was facilitated by her and which I fully embraced.
The results have been amazing, my energy levels have improved remarkably and my life has become less restricted. Any tiredness I experience if I overdo things a bit now feels different - it feels 'normal' for my age and not ridiculously incapacitating like it used to.
Thanks to Jenny's initial reassuring follow up phone calls and her reinforcing reassurances and suggestions I have been able to make some positive changes which have really helped, such as giving my (fatigue) dressing gown to charity and sitting on the sofa rather than lying on the bed when I sensed fatigue starting to take hold; these changes helped to break habits which had become unhelpful - and they worked! Also, initially it felt so good to know that Jenny was available to talk to if ever I needed extra contact.
It has been over two months since I attended Jenny's LP training workshop and the quality of my life has definitely improved. Overall, I found the LP experience enlightening, helpful and well worth the money. I am actually amazed that it worked so well for me and I would define it is having my brain reprogrammed to become more me-friendly!
I would definitely recommend Jenny Gilmore to people who feel stuck with life restricting health problems especially chronic fatigue/ME. Dianne, August 2017


Rachel - Lightning Process®, Sheffield

“Jenny and The lightning process gave me the tools I needed and restored my hope of recovery. After doing the course I was able to attend my daughter’s sports day sat on a rug outside and a year later I was at the same sports day taking part in the parents egg and spoon, beanbag on your head and a bouncy hopper race!”

Ducks Over the Lake

Matthew- Lightning Process®, Yorkshire

Happy New Year! Thought it was time to give you a little update. The news is good - Matthew is doing really well. Under normal circumstances he would have had another 2 episodes by now, but he hasn't. He uses LP if he feels tired in the mornings and says it always works! He has much more energy generally, stays up later in an evening, doesn't feel tired around 8.30pm like he used to. He's started an after school activity, a guitar emsemble which he's enjoying.

Many thanks for your help

Lesley (Mother of Matthew aged 12)

Two Dried Leaves

Guy - Lightning Process®, Bridlington

"Hi JennyJust wanted to give you a quick update on Guy's progress. It's a month since we did the lightning process and the change in Guy is amazing. He is attending full time school as well as having a social life! We have just returned from the gym following Guy's first session with a personal trainer who worked him very hard. On Sunday he played his first rugby match, last week he went to the sixth form ball, arrived home at one in the morning and got up for school the next day. The week before he went on a geography field trip to London and France, early mornings and late nights all week and arrived home in the same state as all the others who went. The list of what he has done in the last four weeks is endless, thank you again for giving Guy his old life back, it's lovely to see him enjoying everything again.Best wishes Mandy, "(Autumn 2008)

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