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My Story

A Professional Health Coach Here to Guide You

I have been training adults, children and young people full-time in the Lightning Process® since 2007.  I have trained many 100s of people with CFS/ME and a range of other conditions with Lightning Process® and other techniques which utilise the mindbody link to create change.  


I have personal experience of living with disability and severe disabling fatigue.  For 14 years I was severely incapacited.  I had glandular fever which was then diagnosed as post viral fatigue syndrome, later CFS/ME. Life was very hard - I was confined to the house most of the time, walked with a stick and needed a wheelchair to go more than short distances.  I now enjoy a great and interesting life - hiking in the Yorkshire dales and working full-time as a complementary health practitioner.  

Before I returned to work and full health was a director of a local disability charity, and I chaired the York and District ME Group.  There I provided support and advice to people with post viral fatigue states, CFS/M.E and Fibromyalgia and their families across York and North Yorkshire.

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Jenny Gilmore BSc, DipNLPCoach, Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner, Member of British Institute of Hypnotherapy, 

IEMT training and Advanced training  
Picture Tapping Technique
EFT Levels 1 - 3, with Master Practitioner Gwyneth Moss
Building Your Future Practitioner Training (Phil Parker Training Institute)
NLP Coach (ITS Training - Ian McDermott and Jan Elfine)
Master Practtioner in NLP (ITS training, Ian McDermott, Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith, Tim Holbom)
Practitioner in NLP, Ian McDermott, Patricia Ridell
Introduction to Clean Language and Symobolic Modelling (Northern College of NLP)
Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy (Kanoussi Training)     
VCCT Level 3 Diploma in Health and Safety (York College)      
UK Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Life Coaching (European College of Holistic Medicine)      
Practitioner in the Phil Parker Lightning Process® (European College of Holistic Medicine)
VTCT Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (York College)
Chair of York & District ME Support Group and Director of DIAC
Occupational Therapy, (College of Ripon and York St John)
Bsc Biology, (University of London)

Lightning Process®in the Press

My Story, and My Client Stories

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In the York Press  find out more>

In the Sunday Mirror find out more>


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In the York Press  find out more>


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In the Sheffield Telegraph find out more>


Lightning Process® in the National Media

The Lightning Process® has been featured extensively in the national media. Here are some examples.


Lightning Process in the National Media - Lorraine Show, ITV

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