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Lightning Process with Jenny in Yorkshire and Long Covid

"I saw improvements within the first day of training. On the morning of the third day, I went on a hilly 4 mile walk with friends and felt completely fine during the walk and afterwards. Over the past 6 weeks since doing the LP I have continued to improve and now feel back to my normal self."

Ceri, Yorkshire  who used LP for Long Covid

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Lightning Process® is available almost immediately available on-line to clients who have read stage one of the Lightning Process®.  Find out more


If you are recovering from long covid, postviral fatigue or postcovid syndrome and are preparing for the Lightning Process® in Yorkshire there are steps you can start to take right away.  For example you can start to read stage one of the Lightning Process® to learn about the mind body link and recovery from viral infections.   


‘Long covid’ or post covid syndrome  are umbrella terms for many different conditions. They create varying symptoms such as severe disabling mental and physical  post viral fatigue, headache and breathlessness.  It may be helpful to talk to a GP.   For more information on the Lightning Process® and long covid, contact me, Jenny Gilmore 





Here Phil Parker, designer of the Lightning Process talks about online developments in the training. 

                             The Lightning Process and Long Covid featured in the Times

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Lightning Process Available on-line, and face to face with Jenny Gilmore in Yorkshire, when restrictions allow. 

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Lightning Process Follow Up Support

Online one to one/phone immediately available

Group on-line seminars regularly available, contact me or see my newsletter.  

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Face to face support available in York when able - to express an interest/organise a provisional session contact Jenny.

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