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Covid 19 and the Lightning Process

During the pandemic some of my very experienced Lightning Process clients found themselves using the Lightning Process to tackle the symptoms of Covid 19. They found that things like keeping their thinking and feeling useful at this time very helpful. Some of their learnings and observations are below:

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

  • Biggest Challenges - these were around symptoms which could be very difficult. Some of the responses to these symptoms whilst reasonable were useful to change with the Lightning Process

  • Sometimes it was tricky to remember to use the Lightning Process at all. Remember to feel frustrated, anger, grief, etc was reasonable - it was the what next that mattered.

  • We can make choices that support us, we can always change our responses so that they are useful.

  • Think also about practical how tos, like how much time spent looking at the media. There were some difficult stories on there which weren't useful to focus on.

  • When not using Lightning Process when it would be helpful, start kindly and know that responses are understandable. Gently start to do simpler process, include an element of the physical to start drive the process, including very simple versions Start to use it as and when you need to. When the patterns are gone they are gone.

  • It's really useful to notice how things are different from things we have experienced before. We do have our history, and it's not unreasonable to affected by it. It is what we do next that creates the changes.

  • Watch out for patterns of stuck. It is all about moving ourselves towards being a great healing version of ourselves.

  • Treat ourselves with care, trust and patience.

  • Complementary approaches can help.

  • Remember that we are designed to heal - even it taking a little time, we are designed to get well. Healing processes are happening all the time. We can have a positive influence so that we become our greatest healing selves.

Find out more about a practical how to you can start to do right away, whether or not you know the Lightning Process here>

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